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Please note that the contents of our BOOKSHELF BASKETS can vary - the quality of our books and woven items never does


Anytime reading

Books for Children's Centres and Community Buildings


High quality titles at only £2.00 per book


Great for fundraising!

Priced to encourage families, parents and carers to get reading at home!

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Brought to you by Dolphin Booksellers, part of SmithMartin Partnership LLP as an initiative to bring books into Children’s Centres and community buildings.


We wanted a place for books to be part

of the Centre, for children and families

to sit and read together.


Time to look and to buy a book, or simply to

have a chance to read in comfort when the children are happy too.


It will also support the Centre by receiving a discount on all books sold.


Contributing to your sustainability.


Links to a whole range of literacy ideas and projects too will help the Centre to keep literacy at the heart of its work and bring a whole new world into the building.

Every basket comes with our Reading Support Pocket Packs

New Autumn titles

Big books

Small footprint

We can help you...


Create your book space for parents and children


Provide information on all aspects of children's literacy through our online resources and leaflets


Make available books of all shapes and sizes - constant variety and style


Supply your baskets from sustainable and renewable sources

When is

World Book Day 2014?


Read more here...

Being a Bookshelf Centre


A basket of books - to display a minimum of 50 books for ages from babies to 8 years.


  • Story books
  • Picture books
  • Family life
  • Food
  • Health


Bookmarks and information leaflets


System for payment and ordering


Facility to order additional books online at anytime


Book baskets complete with books - ready to go


Delivered at the start of the project when you need them


For children and families to use in the entrance /foyer


Visit monthly by a dolphinBOOKSHELF colleague to support literacy staff members